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October 2015


What can you use telemarketing for?

Telemarketing isn’t just about making appointments.  A good telemarketing company will work on lead generation, market research, and database cleansing.   It can be customer surveys/questionnaires, customer feedback and customer service calls.  Up selling, renewals, retention. Do you attend or participate in events, exhibitions and conferences,…

common mistakes

Common Mistakes in Telemarketing – Qualification

Telemarketing is all about opening opportunities for a sale.  It’s the first actual contact stage of most sales whether you make an outbound telesales call or handle incoming calls.  You need to open the door for a sale.  One mistake made by a large number…

c lev

Contacting and Selling to C-Level Executives

The Telemarketer’s number two nemesis is the CEO, COO, CFO or the top positions in a business. In truth however, these people are just like any other. They wake up in the morning and brush their teeth just like you do. However, it’s important to…


What is high quality telemarketing?

Telemarketing and telesales companies up and down the country will promote their “high quality telemarketing” services, as well as their “professional approach”. But, is this not a given? You would never employ a telesales team if they promoted otherwise would you? And by using such…