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Appointment Setting

U Direct’s B2B Appointment Setting Service

Fully qualified and high quality appointments with key decision makers that know who you are and why you’re coming.  That’s guaranteed.



  • A qualified opportunity for you to sell
  • Senior decision maker or decision influencer meeting
  • Qualified as a potential customer
  • Call recording and full information provided
  • Confirmed before the appointment
  • Replace policy

U Direct will target the specific job roles within your target market to discuss your products and services.  Appointment setting is targeted by company type, sector, size, region or any vertical.  It’s incredibly effective with SME, I&C, blue chip companies and large groups.

Appointment setting can target direct end users or appointments can be generated with distributors and resellers to grow the new business opportunities with your sales and marketing teams.

New business appointments can be set with companies that can use your services or contract your services as part of their own operations.

U Direct guarantees that every single appointment set for your sales team will be a definite opportunity to offer your products and services.  If not, we’ll replace or refund it.

The 4 most important parts of setting a qualified appointment:

  1. Senior decision maker or key decision influencer

    It’s vital to set the appointment with the key decision maker and the senior decision influencers or you could end up with a wasted effort.  Unfortunately, it’s an art which many call centres haven’t grasped.  Anybody can set an appointment but not many people can set an appointment with the right person.  That’s why it’s an art form.  It’s a specific process of identification where you might speak to two or three people before finding the actual decision makers and influencers.

  2. Fully qualified opportunity with full information

    When you set an appointment, you need to make sure it’s a qualified opportunity.  The relevance of the business can be identified by the criteria it needs to meet (energy spend, turnover, buying behaviour, requirement, budget).  In some cases, a potential customer must tick more than one box before it becomes an opportunity.  The trick is to be focussed on producing actual opportunities instead of just trying to make up the numbers.  It’s not an opportunity unless you can acquire a customer.  Each appointment must be comprehensively pre-qualified before booking the appointment.  Otherwise, you might arrive at the appointment and there is no opportunity.

  3. Customer knows who you are and why you’re coming

    The appointment is set for a time and date where the customer is definitely going to be there.  Plus it’s confirmed for you.  U Direct has some secret techniques on ensuring each appointment takes place, that’s why we have an abnormally high rate of appointment conversion with our customers.    A full description of your company and the service you’re offering will encourage the customer to be clear on the agenda for the meeting too.  That means your sales team are free to do what they do best…  Sell.  There is nothing worse for a sales person than to get to a meeting where the decision maker isn’t there or is busy.  That doesn’t happen with U Direct, your sales teams will only receive qualified, prepared and informed appointments with key decision makers that know you, your product or service and your agenda

  4. The appointment is convenient for the representative

    Your sales team’s appointments are set by geography so they minimise travel time.  U Direct will try to set each appointment so it’s close to the next appointment or it’s close to the previous appointment.  Plus, if your sales team have other appointments set in their diary, U Direct will try to cluster additional appointments in a similar area for before or after while allowing adequate travel time.  It’s a professional telemarketing, appointment setting, business development and PA service all in one and for no extra cost.

U Direct will take care of the telemarketing and telesales, your sales team take care of the appointments.

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