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Business to Business Telemarketing

“Specialised high volume telemarketing designed specifically to contact decision makers for promotion, events, offers, additional services, feedback and information”

U Direct is an expert in business to business telemarketing.  We have unique and proven techniques in getting through to the right decision makers, getting past receptionists or gatekeepers, communicating effectively and accurately and achieving the desired results.

Business Telemarketing is different to ‘Appointment Setting’ and ‘Lead Generation’.  It’s focussed on information and promotion.  It can be for an event, a special offer, a promotion, new service, additional services, PR, customer service, surveys, feedback, renewal, updating, retention.

Event Telemarketing Agency:

Call center“Events need people and people need events”

Telemarketing for exhibitions, seminars, events, conferences and meetings is a highly successful and effective way of attracting your target market to the occasion.

Event telemarketing is set out like this:

    Step One – First contact

    a. Initial contact with the prospect
    b. Qualification of relevance and promote the event
    c. Send relevant information and invitation

    Step Two – Second contact

    a. Where a commitment could not be made
    b. Where the relevant prospect was not available

    Step Three – Confirmation Call

    a. Final call closer to the event
    b. Confirmation of event details
    c. Confirmation of customer’s attendance

    Step Four – After event follow up

    a. Feedback
    b. Future event promotion
    c. Lead qualification

There are two types of event telemarketing:



    U Direct promotes and confirms attendees for your event and registers them for you.  In some cases we’ll take payment information for you.   We’ll confirm each attendee and send all the invitations and information for you.


    U Direct will promote the event and generate mass awareness for you.  This is a high volume and high quality method of telling people about the event.  We’ll present the event and give all the details to the relevant people and encourage them to confirm their desire to attend.  The difference with promotion only is that U Direct aren’t trying to achieve a commitment.  It’s all about promoting and marketing.

Business Telemarketing – Customer Service

U Direct will make contact with your customers and historic customers in order to carry out surveys, gather feedback, update information, renew contracts and offer additional services.

Our Telemarketing team can gather information and feedback from each of your contacts as well as grow the awareness of your products and services.  If you have promotions and offers, it’s a great opportunity to speak to your customers that have already purchased from you.

U Direct can manage your contacts i order to maximise on opportunities.  You’ll never miss a contract renewal or the chance to provide additional services.

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