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U Direct’s B2B Lead Generation Service

B2B Lead generation service; “The process of identifying, qualifying and creating an opportunity for you to sell your products and services”

U Direct B2B Lead Generation:

U Direct will speak to your relevant decision makers and the key decision influencers through high volumes of quality telemarketing calls.  We’ll speak to the right people, ask the right questions and gather the right information.  U Direct will warm up the prospect, turn it into a hot lead and either transfer it to you live or arrange for you to speak to them at a convenient time.

Every single U Direct Lead Generation:



  • Fully qualified
  • Transferred live or scheduled
  • With a decision maker and influencer
  • Comes with full information
  • Will be accurate and quality

U Direct can gather renewal dates, review dates, contract dates, purchasing preferences, buying information and the prospect’s buying potential.  You will achieve full visibility of your data universe as well as leads in real time during the process.

We take care of the cold calling and identify the prospects from the suspects.  We separate the thousands and thousands of data lists into opportunities and non-opportunities.  There may be future leads, present leads and immediate leads which can be managed and delivered to you.

Our sales team were spending a massive amount of time cold calling and not enough time working on the hot leads. U Direct took care of it so our sales team only works on the hot leads which has significantly improved our performance and revenue.
Excellent leads, excellent account management and superb communication, thank you
The whole project was tailored to suit us and we were able to change the target sectors along the way to grow our presence. We have used telemarketing companies before but none have produced the results we get now. Thank you team

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