Appointment Making - 3 Tips for Making the Best Appointments


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3 Tips for Making the Best Appointments

Whether you make appointments for yourself or for a colleague, the quality of the appointment is the most important thing.  Most people would prefer 5 perfect appointments than 10 rubbish ones.  So how do you get that quality every time?

  • Be 100% honest and up front about your product or service.  Don’t waste time by fluffing up the truth or using 10 words when one will do.  Tell the customer why you are calling, what it’s about and what the agenda is for the meeting.  If the customer is totally clear on everything on your call, there will be no need for him/her to cancel the appointment.  Technically they won’t even get to appointment stage if they are not clear.  Explain the service/product, tell them what you’ll go through at the meeting and then summarise it all at the end of the call.  Then there are no mistakes and the customer will be fully in the loop.
  • Offer the customer a selection of appointment times rather than just “whenever they are free”.  Doing this will mean the appointment is on your time instead of the customer’s.  To make that clearer, the customer will respect the appointment much more if they feel you are not just begging for any time in their diary.  The customer needs to appreciate that you have other appointments.  If you have other appointments, that means you have other clients.  If you have other clients, it means you are a successful business.
  • Fully qualify every appointment.  This is an obvious one but with more detail than most people think.  Ask the relevant qualification questions but have a conversation around it.  Every human being likes to talk about subjects they know.  This will gain some respect and allow you to be more than just a telesales call.  If the customer doesn’t qualify for the criteria needed, don’t be afraid to let them go.  It’s very tempting to just let it slip through the net but the person who has drive 100 miles to get there only to find out it doesn’t qualify will not be pleased!  100% quality every time, don’t accept any less.

If you are making appointments for somebody else to attend or you are a telesales agent making appointments for a client, keep one thing in your mind on every call.  Would you pay for the appointment you have just made?  If you don’t answer that with 100% confidence, it’s not an appointment.

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