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Common Mistakes in Telemarketing – Qualification

Telemarketing is all about opening opportunities for a sale.  It’s the first actual contact stage of most sales whether you make an outbound telesales call or handle incoming calls.  You need to open the door for a sale.  One mistake made by a large number of telesales companies, telemarketing companies and call centres is that they don’t qualify each potential customer properly.  It’s human nature to try to “make up the numbers” but it’s also completely useless.

Firstly, when qualifying a customer, you should ask the questions directly.  Don’t tiptoe around the question and certainly don’t hide the question in any way.  If they have to turnover more than £1m then just ask, if they need to have more than 250 employees, just ask!  If they don’t 100% qualify, don’t book it.

Secondly, the customer’s level of interest is also a qualification question.  Even if they qualify for everything but aren’t showing much interest, it’s not a good opportunity.  Don’t be afraid to move on to the next one if there is no real opportunity for a sale.  It’s about being honest in your telemarketing.  Is it an appointment or not?  Don’t just book a load of low quality appointments

Thirdly, if there are any grey areas for qualification, dig deeper!  Don’t assume anything.  If the customer says “oh it’s around £1m turnover”…  Is it more or less?  If it’s more, what is the figure?  Don’t be afraid to ask.  The customer won’t take offence with you asking a question.  Plus, you might send a sales person half way across the country to an appointment with someone who actually doesn’t qualify.  You may not really care about that but the sales person certainly would.  Imagine if it was you!

Lastly, structure your questions and make sure you get the answer.  Sometimes a customer will not give you straight answers.  If somewhere in your mind you feel that you haven’t got the most accurate answer, you haven’t.  Don’t be afraid to repeat the question in a different way or come back to it after some of the other questions.  The point is, don’t skip past it for the sake of not repeating your question.

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