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What is high quality telemarketing?

Telemarketing and telesales companies up and down the country will promote their “high quality telemarketing” services, as well as their “professional approach”. But, is this not a given? You would never employ a telesales team if they promoted otherwise would you? And by using such a broad term, until you hand over your hard earned money, you may not find out exactly what is “high quality”. Is it the telephone calls themselves or the appointments? The answer is both. Without a professional manner on the phone you will have no way of getting past the gatekeeper, let alone make an appointment. But without ensuring that the appointment is worthwhile for the client, you risk losing future business.
On the telephone you need to remain professional, focused and patient. You need to be aware of who you’re talking to, understand their business and of course, understand your product. Only then will you have a possibility of making an appointment. But then you need to make sure that this is the right prospect for your client. Having a checklist, previously agreed with your client, is essential when determining if a customer is to the standards desired. Criteria such as employee size, annual turnover and perhaps annual spend on you specific product are ideal ways of identifying whether your appointment will be worthwhile for the client.
So you’ve booked the appointment, checked that the company ‘qualify’, what next? You need to paint the picture for your client. After all they haven’t heard the call itself or spoken to the customer themselves yet. Ensure the notes are as comprehensive as possible. If the customer had any particular questions or queries about the product or service, include them – it will prepare the representative and promote a consistent sales process between the sales person and the customer.
And remember, when you send leads over to the client, you’re not only representing the company you work for, you are representing yourself as an able and expert telemarketer. Make sure that you have confirmed every small detail the customer has provided you with, the telephone number, address, the spelling of their names, and above all the email address. The phonetic alphabet is a priceless tool for a telesales agent. And finally, be certain that the grammar and spelling within your notes are correct.
The last step to ensuring a high quality appointment is to confirm it. You may have done so two or three times on the telephone, but send them an email. After all, you never know what was going on in the background whilst they were on the telephone to you so send them a confirmation email confirming the time and date of the appointment, who will be going out to see them and additional information you would like them to know or prepare prior to the meeting.

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