Why it’s vital to use scripts for marketing and telesales


Telemarketing and Telesales

Why it’s vital to use scripts for telemarketing and telesales

If you don’t use a script for your telemarketing, you are just making it up on the spot. While you may be experienced in the industry and know what you are doing, it will always come across to the customer that you are un-structured and you won’t be in full control of the telesales call.
Using a script will give you full control of the conversation. That doesn’t mean you’ll dictate it, it just means you’ll be in control and will be able to steer the conversation so that the customer will get all the information they need and you will be able to get all the information you need. Telemarketing is all about numbers so it’s important to get the right quality EVERYTIME.
There are call centres and telemarketing companies that just make it up on the spot. You can guarantee that their pitch will change over the course of a few calls. This often causes telemarketers to miss certain things and not mention certain pieces of information on every call. It’s better to learn a good, effective script off by heart than keep improvising every call.
Another reason why it’s vital to use a script is the image it presents to your customer. If you are organised on your call, you will give the customer the impression that your company is organised. If you are all over the place on the call, your customer will pick up on that. By structuring a good telemarketing script and using it on every call, you will build more trust, gain more respect and most importantly, make better appointments and leads.
Lastly, stick to the script. Even if you’ve been using the same script for 10 years, keep it in front of you for every call. The human brain has the tendency to be distracted and having a script in front of you will let you keep on track and get the most from telemarketing. It also lets you get back to a method that works if your results start slipping.

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