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What can you use telemarketing for?

Telemarketing isn’t just about making appointments.  A good telemarketing company will work on lead generation, market research, and database cleansing.   It can be customer surveys/questionnaires, customer feedback and customer service calls.  Up selling, renewals, retention.

Do you attend or participate in events, exhibitions and conferences, gathering hundreds of enquiries that all need following up.  Would you rather be sat in front of these enquiries, talking with the ones that qualify for your product or service rather than sifting through phone call after phone call to see which people are interested or which people are suitable?

Do you work with email marketing?  When you send a blast of marketing emails, what do you do with the people who don’t open the email or click through?  What about the people that click through but don’t turn into a customer?  That’s where telemarketing can massively boost your marketing effort.  Just one phone call to the customer will significantly increase the chances of your email turning into a sale.

Do you want to generate new business with larger companies and groups?  A good telemarketing company can get you in front of the decision maker, a poor telemarketing company can’t.  Sometimes, the larger companies can take more than one phone call to get an appointment or achieve a result.  It might be a structured approach where you gather the contact details, send the information, make a phone call, agree a follow up call, book an appointment.

Do you have customers?  Some companies have great communication with their customers.  That doesn’t simply mean phoning them to see if they are ok.  It means contacting them with offers, renewals, questionnaires and satisfaction surveys.  You can contact them when they have become a customer to see how you performed, how they felt about you and your staff.  How else will you really know what they think of you and most importantly, how will you really know where you need to improve.  Word of mouth travels fast but a company’s image will fall faster if it isn’t continuously monitored and developed.

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