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Case Study: Siemens Vesitgo Energy Management Software


About The Customer

Siemens, the leading global engineering and technology services company, has been active in the United Kingdom for over 170 years. Siemens provide innovative solutions to help tackle the UK’s major challenges, across the key sectors of energy, industry, infrastructure & cities and healthcare. Siemens has a significant presence throughout the UK, with 12 manufacturing sites and more than 25 major offices.


The Objective

Following the launch of the Vesitgo energy management software, Siemens have employed U Direct to promote and generate genuine sales opportunities with multi-
site businesses across the UK.

U Direct has been generating face to face appointments and fully qualified leads with businesses that either do not have or are looking to review their current energy management software.

Using a carefully sourced data list, U Direct’s role is to generate qualified appointments and leads, cleanse and enhance the data list and build a pipeline of
future customer opportunities.

The Results

In month 1 of the 6 month pilot project, U Direct has so far generated 21 face to face appointments with businesses which have in excess of 50 sites in the UK.

Additionally, U Direct has so far achieved a 95% acceptance rate on the appointments generated through telemarketing. These potential customers are currently moving through Siemens’s sales cycle.

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CATEGORY Appointment Setting, Lead Generation