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Building Real Rapport Through Telemarketing

Many business that use telemarketing, whether it’s in-house or outsourced, have the wrong idea of building real rapport.  This may not be true in all cases but is certainly a problem with the majority.  However, the real problem is that many of these telemarketers don’t realise they are getting it wrong and wasting good opportunities.

More often than not, old fashioned telesales people will have been trained on the old cliché sales techniques like mirror your customer, be enthusiastic about what you are offering and talk to the customer about personal things to build a rapport.  If you’re a builder, would you expect your lawyer to talk to you like your work mates talk to you?  No.

This is the image of your company or your client you will be giving to the customer.  When you speak to a builder, they aren’t expecting to speak to another builder.  They are expecting to speak to a representative of your industry and your company.  If you are a professional company, then represent your company professionally.

So what is REAL rapport building in telemarketing?  You need to build a relationship between three parties, you, the customer and the product/service you are offering.  The decision maker doesn’t need or want you to be their best friend.  They will more than likely have a number of friendly colleagues so they don’t need you to be that either.  You are calling them to represent your company so you need to be clear, professional and most of all, honest.  If you give this impression to the decision maker, you will build the right kind of rapport.  The decision maker will trust you and as soon as you have trust, you have rapport.  Do not waste your time trying to hide the real reason you are calling with over-friendliness and over-enthusiasm.

We’ve all taken calls from annoying telesales people and that will be your memory of them, annoying.  It’s not because they were rude, it’s because they were trying to be over-friendly.  They were probably not getting to the point fast enough.  For the first impression, this doesn’t go down well.  So the advice is this…  Don’t waste your time being super friendly; think about what the customer will want to hear.  Once you have established a professionally relationship which is based on honesty, clarity and trust, then you will naturally become more of an acquaintance with your customer.  You’ll get further if the customer trusts you on a professional level than if they just think you are a nice person.

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