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Say No to Annoying Telesales

Telesales and telemarketing has such a bad name in the UK nowadays and it’s easy to see why.  The cheesy sales people who pressure you into buying something, the over friendly and irritating caller not getting to the point and not just telling you what the call is about.  We’ve all had these calls but how do you make a telesales call NOT annoying?

It’s all in the presentation of the information you are trying to give the customer.  What’s the point in saying “this isn’t a sales call” when it clearly is?  You have just lied to the customers you are trying to build trust with!  “Yes it is a sales call, let me just explain”.  Simple!

If you are simply honest with the customer, you will gain trust.  You’ll enable them to make their own mind up without being pressured.  If you have a good product or service then there is no need to lie or hide the truth.  So here’s the tip.  Present the information clearly, accurately and most importantly, get to the point.  Your telemarketing and telesales should grow as a result.

The reason people are not interested is because they are against sales calls or they are not in the market.  Many people choose not to commit to anything over the phone and that is their right but there are other ways.  When you speak to someone and get the feeling they are anti-sales, offer the information to be sent to them and arrange a time to talk through it.  Relieve the pressure.

Tell them what the call is about, what the product is and why it might help.  Don’t try to persuade someone into something, that’s just annoying.  Promote your product or service, market it but don’t bully people into buying it.  Don’t forget, you are representing a business.  How do you think that business will appear if you are pressuring or not honest?  Exactly.

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